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DMI, NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperative Association), and Jo-Carroll Energy teamed up to explore the benefits of using virtual reality at rural electric cooperative substations. "The project paid for itself in just over two years, solely from reduced drive time of the more than 30 staff who have used VR. The substation selected for the immersive VR is about 50 miles from JCE’s headquarters. Savings from eliminating the need to have staff drive several hours for each training session added up quickly. Other benefits are significant, but harder to quantify. “How do you know the payback on safety and doing the training in a non-hazardous VR environment?” said Skinner. For example, he explained, “Every time you go to a substation with a whole crew, you're going to go over the safety details – what the voltages are, what kind of physical hazards are potentially there, and so on. Most substations are full of rocks. It's not a smooth surface; there are tripping hazards. There's a whole bunch of equipment that you can bump into.” JCE sees that being able to do the training in the office, a non-hazardous area, is a huge advantage.

This week, the DMI team attended HxGN Live in Las Vegas, the annual tech showcase event from Hexagon, a global leader in digital solutions.  Day one was an informative round of immersive training experiences, learning more about Hexagon and Leica Geosystems reality capture technologies, software, and hardware including the newly unveiled RTC360 laser scanner.  The rest of the week included a full schedule of keynotes (including the announcement of Xalt), breakout sessions, and floor exhibits from Hexagon and their customers demonstrating the utilization and convergence of the latest emerging technology.

On September 28, 2017 DMI introduced the next industrial revolution encapsulated in our newest suite of solutions called Precision Reality™. Executives that attended were educated on the latest innovations, from virtual reality to internet of things, forming the foundation for a wellspring of untapped enterprise ROI. DMI shared our experience as a trusted advisor within numerous industries. We were also able to share an exclusive look at some projects with our partners. Together, we explored the the impact of harnessing the transformative power of emerging technology in the enterprise.  

Last week, David Proctor (COO), Nathan Greiner (President/Founder), CJ Kuehl (Vice President), and Alex Schuster (Software Developer), attended the HxGN LIVE event in Las Vegas, Nevada.  HxGN LIVE offers new and exciting ways to experience what's unfolding in the world of design, measurement and visualization technologies. The four-day event included previews of new solutions, interactive demonstrations, and unlimited networking opportunities. Our team was especially excited by the release of  BLK360 by Leica and by the announcement of the release of DIM’s co-developed product with Leica, Cyclone MODEL VR!

Design Mill, Inc., a pioneering systems integrator and visualization innovator announces the launch of DMI VR, a new virtual reality hardware solution designed to provide an immersive and collaborative virtual reality experience. DMI VR kits will include a VR headset, smartphone, and Bluetooth remote controller.  In addition to hardware Design Mill plans to offer custom software development and integration services to create or transition existing content and systems into the virtual space. Capable of integrating with multiple capture devices including laser scanners, 360 degree cameras, and various picture and video capture devices, DMI VR can also achieve multiple  output displays to VR headsets and tablets. Design Mill expects integration will be widespread with industries at the forefront to include real estate, education, defense, construction.  Slated for release first is an DMI VR integration with Leica Geosystems. Design Mill has joined Leica’s Geosystems Partner Network to take advantage of their SDKs and harness the power of Leica TruView Global in Design Mill’s new VR solution for point cloud data. The Leica Geosystems ScanStation is a professional-grade laser scanner that can operate in harsh environments to rapidly and accurately capture any kind of environment in rich 3D with amazing fidelity. When viewed with DMI’s VR system, TruView Global data can be experienced by an entire network of web connected users who will virtually experience the scene in 3D as if they were there. Think “virtual reality Go To Meeting” with SME’s able to conduct immersive briefings while still in the field.